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Worry and Anxiety

Worries, anxieties and fears are emotions which usually appear after a triggering event. They influence our thoughts and actions for hours or even days till the event is forgotten. These emotions result from informations, memories and expectations which may be faulty and inappropriate. We can regain control over our emotions and situations without the loss of natural reactions. Here are some tips to get over your worries and anxieties:

  • Confront anxiety by identifying what is causing it.
  • Worry and anxiety result from harsh and unrealistic self-criticism. Think of a rational and objective answer to the problem that is worrying you.
  • Translate your worries and fears into clear words.
  • Divide your worries into two categories: those that can be influenced and those that cannot be influenced.
  • Concentrate on those problems which you can influence and let the others go.
  • When you feel yourself getting worried or anxious try to relax yourself by
  • Taking several deep and slow breaths; and some easy physical exercises

If self-help techniques do not lighten your load of worries, consider seeking professional counselling. A trained professional can help you identify and alleviate your anxiety. Medicines are also available to alleviate your anxiety.

Finally, if you are a believer, pray to God for strength to accept the things that you cannot change, courage to change the things that you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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