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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is important no mater what your age is. If you eat well, you are likely to feel healthier, stay active for longer and protect yourself against illness. Eating regular meals and snacks is a good habit. If you get used to missing meals,or eating unhealthily, you may start to feel tired and depressed. You should always eat: breakfast, lunch (mid-day meal), tea and evening meal. To keep well, good regular eating patterns are essential. This means three meals and a snack meal daily. Instead of missing meals, you could include some of the simple snacks and meals.

Good-food guide

Now is the time to look at what you eat and perhaps make some changes for the better. Here is a guide to the foods you should try to eat each day.

  • Milk and other dairy foods: Choose three servings of milk or milk products per day.These foods contain calcium which keeps bones strong.
  • Meat, poultry, fish, cheese, eggs, beans, lentils, pulses and nuts: These foods are good sources of protein. Eat a portion of any at two of your meals each day.
  • Fruit: Try to eat at least one piece of fresh fruit everyday.
  • Vegetables: These are the main source of fibre and give your food variety. Aim to have at least three servings of vegetables everyday.
  • Breads, cereals: Try to have a serving of bread, cereals, rice or chapattis with each meal. These foods, together with liquids, can help prevent constipation. They will also provide you with energy, vitamins and minerals.
  • Butter and cooking fats: Butter and cooking fats provide us with energy and can make food taste better, but use them sparingly if you are watching your weight as they are high in calories. Use a small amount of vegetable oil such as sunflower.
  • Biscuits and sweets: These foods are enjoyable, but they can lead to weight gain.They are also expensive.
  • Drinks: At least six to eight tumblers of tea, coffee, fruit juice, milk and water should be taken daily.
  • Vegetarianism is as good a way of life as non-vegetarianism is.
  • If you are losing weight without trying, you must see your doctor.
  • Food may not taste as appetising as you grow older.
  • Eating in company can increase your enjoyment of food.

Four food rules:
  • Eat something of everything and not too much of any one thing.
  • There is no one food you must have. If you dislike something choose something else which will be equally nourishing.
  • Some foods are better for you than others. Try to avoid foods which give you verylittle value (nourishment) for your money.
  • Try to drink six to eight tumblers of liquid per day even if you don’t feel thirsty.

If you follow the four food rules and the good-food guide outlined above, vegetarianism is probably as good a way of life as non-vegetarianism. If your appetite is poorand you are gradually losing weight without trying, you should see your doctor. Missing an occasional meal does not usually cause harm as long as you take a lot of liquids. Food may not taste as appetising as you grow older. Eating in companycan increase your enjoyment of food.

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