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With a view to providing enhanced safety and security, Senior Citizens Security Cells (SCSC) have been started at Capital, Nayapalli, Kharavelanagar, Chandrasekhapur and Sahidnagar Police Stations of Bhubaneswar Urban Police District and Cantonment, Chauliaganj, Markatnagar, Bidanasi and Lalbag Police Stations of Cuttack Urban Police District. Each Cell is headed by an officer of the rank of S.I. of Police, designated as the 'Nodal Officer' who is assisted by atleast one constable. These Cells functions under the immediate supervision of the IIC of the concerned P.S and their overall functioning is monitored by Commissionerate Hdqrs., Bhubaneswar.

The objectives of Senior Citizens Security Cells are :-
  • Co-ordinate safety and security of Senior Citizens with the help of local police.
  • Sensitize Senior Citizens about different aspects of their safety and security.
  • Assist Senior Citizens in their personnel problems, as far as practicable.
  • Ensure regular interaction with Senior Citizens through home visits.
  • Co-ordinate police verification of domestic help(s)/ tenants by local police stations etc.

Registration of Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens who have attained the age of 60 years or above, and are staying alone or as a couple, but without any other younger family members are eligible for registration with the SCSC. Enrollment is purely on a voluntary basis.
Personal details of such willing and eligible Senior Citizens are collected in the proforma videAnnexure-I. Incase any Senior Citizen does not wish to share any information, the respective column is left blank. Disclosure of information in the proforma is fully voluntary. Registered Senior Citizens have also been provided with a Registration number by the SCSC. It is also proposed to provide all registered Senior Citizens of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack with Identity cards in future.

Visit to Senior Citizens:

Nodal Officers of Senior Citizens Security Cells have been advised to visit registered Senior Citizens of their P.S jurisdiction at least once every fortnight. Each visit is made after prior appointment. During such visits, the Nodal Officers ascertain the well-being of the Senior Citizens, physical security aspects of their houses and also render suitable advice about enhancing their physical security by installing protective grill fencing, door chains, magic eye etc. The Nodal Officers also attend to the personal problems/ sundry tasks of the senior citizens, as far as practicable . Verification of the domestic help(s)/tenants is also ascertained during such visits.
In order to sensitize them about different aspects of their safety and security, all registered Senior Citizens have been provided with a copy of Do`s and Don`ts for Senior Citizens as vide A Telephone Directory containing all emergency numbers and those of members of SCSCs, local P.S staff, DCP, Zonal ACP, hospitals, fire station, airport, local gas agency, OMFED Booth, medicine shops, electrician, plumbers, PHD/Electrical authorities etc. have also been provided to the Senior Citizens

Verification of domestic Help(s)/Tenants

Senior Citizens who have employed drivers/watchmen/domestic servants/gardeners in their houses have been provided with verification forms meant for such domestic employee (servants/watchman/ drivers/ gardeners)
Further, Senior Citizens who have kept tenants in their houses have been provided with Tenant Verification forms All registered Senior Citizens are encouraged to submit information in respect of their domestic help(s)/tenants since the same is in the best interest of their safety and security. Nodal Officers of SCSC have been advised to complete verifications in respect of domestic employees and tenants at the earliest and intimate the result of verifications to the concerned Senior Citizens.

Feed Back

We welcome feedback/suggestions about functioning of Senior Citizens Security Cells scheme in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

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