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National Old-Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS)

Under National Old Age Pension Scheme, Central Assistance is available on fulfillment of the following criteria .

  • The age of the applicant (male or female) should be 65 years or more.
  • The applicant must be a destitute in the sense that he/she has no regular means of subsistence from his/her own source of income or through financial support from family members or other sources.
  • The amount of old age pension is Rs. 200 per month from the Central Government. This scheme is implemented in the State and Union Territories through Panchayats and Municipalities. The State's contribution varies from State to State and is as under:

Old Age Pension Amounts
Name of the State Current amount of pension
(Rs per month)
Minimum age for eligibility
(in years)
Andhra Pradesh 75 65
Arunachal Pradesh 150 60
Assam 60 65 (males) 60 (females)
Bihar 100 60
Gujarat 200-275 60-65+
Haryana 225 60
Himachal Pradesh 150 60
Jammu and Kashmir 125 60
Karnataka 100 65
Kerala 110 65
Madhya Pradesh 150 60 (males) 50 (females)
Maharashtra 100 65 (males) 60 (females )
Manipur 100 60
Mizoram 100 65 (males) 60 (females)
Orissa 100 65
Punjab 200 65 (males) 60 (females)
Rajasthan 200-300 58 (males) 55 (females)
Tamil Nadu 200 60
Uttar Pradesh 125 60
West Bengal 300 60
Chandigarh 200 65 (males) 60 (females)
Delhi 200 60

Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment, NSAP Guidelines for State Governments

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