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Value Your Estate

Appoint an executor to administer your estate after your death

When you make a Will, you might appoint one or more Executors to administer and distribute your estate in accordance with your wishes. If you decide to choose a family member or friend, you should make sure it is someone younger who is honest and capable and will probably outlive you. We strongly recommend that you get permission from them first because being an Executor can be very time consuming, and many people are not fully aware of the work it involves. Another option is to appoint a professional Executor, such as a lawyer, accountant or bank official. There will be a fee for this and it will be paid from your estate. Non- professional Executors (such as family and friends) are only entitled to out all or part of the administration for them, the professional’s fees will be paid from your estate. Finally, you may wish to ask a charity to act as your Executer. HelpAge India strives to combat isolation, neglect and poverty amongst older people and campaigns for a decent maintenance and a fairer deal for older people. Therefore, we at HelpAge India can offer this service for a fee. As a charitable organization dealing with problems of the elderly we are better disposed and equipped to handle this responsibility and to ensure a high degree of integrity in administration of your estate.

Value your Estate

The easiest way to do this is to list all your assets (what you own) and the liabilities (What you owe) which you have to discharge at their current value. Then add together everything you own and subtract everything you owe. You can then decide how to distribute it.

Other Financial information

  • Are you a member of any scheme under which a lump sum of pension benefits are payable in the event of your death before retirement age? If you are, please prepare a detailed list. Information may be obtained from your employer, or your pension authority.

  • If you are a beneficiary of any trust or estate under which you currently receive income, please list it separately.

  • If you are likely to benefit financially due to the death of some other person (Wife/ husband/ parent etc.), please make a note of it.

  • List any people who are financially dependent on you, including an ex-spouse, relatives or children/step- children in the following format. You should also consider appointing a guardian for children or dependent relatives and you might also consider setting up a Trust, in consultation with your lawyer.

  • Name :
  • Relationship:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Monetary provision details :
  • Guardian’s Full Name :
  • Address :
  • Pincode :
  • Telephone:
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