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Reaching an age of sixty, in a country like ours, is not very comfortable. By this time, one has traversed a million phases, borne the brunt of ages and has arrived at a position where one feels aloof and isolated. Social gatherings seem to be farce and health concerns suddenly take on the prime position. It appears as if everything around is nothing but a riddle that is difficult to solve. At this stage it becomes very important to take each day as a challenge and relive each moment with simplicity and dignity. This is precisely what the facilities compiled at www.oldagesolutions.org provide- self satisfaction, enthusiasm and a renewed vigor. These schemes and facilities have been further classified into the following sectors-

  • Programme for Older Persons(NISD)- Dealing essentially with provisions of financial assistance, this scheme makes available funds to NGO’s, educational institutions, Cooperative and autonomous bodies, to build Old age homes, Medical care units, Day care centers and other Non-Institutional services for the benefit of the elderly.
  • National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) - Comprising of old age pension amounts and National family benefit schemes, this programme basically concerns the pension to be given by the state for the old and the destitute who have no other source of income and the family benefits to be availed by the head of the family, who is Sixty plus and whose bread earner has died.
  • Annapurna Scheme- Launched by the rural development ministry, this scheme is a boon for those elders, who though are eligible to pension but are not getting the same. 10 Kgs. of food grains are provided free of cost, to those suffering, free of cost per month.
  • Free Legal Aids- Arranged by the Bharati Vidyapeeth, New Law College, Pune, free legal aids and legal awareness is provided to the old and other disadvantaged sections of the society. This does not mean that they equate the elderly with the other sections but this means that they believe in nurturing a common and a unified environment.
  • e. Rebates- As per the law, all elderly people are subject to exemption of a certain amount of money in the income tax provided they apply for it and supply adequate documentation regarding their age, voter card, ration card and driving license. It also helps cover the insurance policy premiums and health concessions.
  • f. Health Facilities (HAI) - The Central Government health scheme provides adequate medical assistance to all retired central government employees covering their medical expenditure. A complete list of all states that render various health schemes has been furnished at our website.
  • g. Miscellaneous- Apart from the above, schemes like Citizen Services & Public grievances pension, scheme for Sanskrit Pandits above the age of 55 years, Free Rail transport and other schemes of recreation and availability being run by the Himachal Pradesh and Delhi governments help the elderly gain the maximum benefit.

Numerous concessions, incentives and facilities are today being granted to the aged to make them more independent. It is solely by means of their independence that they can gear themselves up to face the novel challenges and situations which might encounter them.

Strengthening the old is strengthening the nation indeed.

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