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Old Age Home Directory

  • Do the menus give you a regular choice of dishes and styles?
  • Do the menus include foods items you like?
  • Can you have a meal in your room?
  • Will special diets be catered for?
  • Can you make a snack whenever you want?
  • Are meals only at set times?
  • Are regular social events and outings organized?
  • Do the activities interest you? (e.g.. yoga, music, handicraft, outings)
Common Rooms
  • Is there a choice of TV and/or lounge rooms?
  • Is there a quit room for reading or games with no TV?
  • Is the furniture clean and comfortable?
  • Is there more than one TV room for choice of programs?
  • Is there a non-smoking policy?
  • Will you be able to practice your own religion?
  • Are there regular visits by a practitioner from your religion?
  • Can you have a telephone in your room?
  • Is there a place you can telephone without people overhearing you?
  • Do you need a special telephone and can it be provided (e.g. for hard of hearing).
  • Can your family and friends see you at any time?
  • Are there private meeting places for you and your guests?
  • Can you make/offer your guests a drink or snack?
  • Can your visitors stay for a meal or even overnight?

Personal Care
  • Can you have a say in the way you are looked after/helped?
  • Is personal care available when you need (washing, dressing or going to the toilet)?
  • Can relatives or friends help you if you want?
  • Can you bring your own care giver/attendant?
  • Does a hairdresser or barber visit regularly?
Health Care
  • Can you keep the same doctor you have now?
  • Will you have access to a doctor at all times if required?
  • Is there referral facility or tie up with a hospital?
  • Does a doctor visit the old age home regularly?
  • Do other health professionals visit the old age home regularly.
    (e.g. dentist, physiotherapist occupational therapist, yoga and naturopathy expert etc.)
  • If your care needs change can you continue to live at the old age home?
Terms and conditions
  • What would be covered in your agreement?
  • What are the facilities guidelines, fees and costs (Refundable/non refundable)?
  • What does the daily fee cover?
  • What services are included in your payment?
  • What extra services do you pay for?
  • When is the accommodation bond payable?
  • How much might the bond be?
  • Are standard resident fees payable in advance or arrears?
  • What happens if you run out of funds?
  • How long a trial period of respite care can you have?
  • What notice must be given if you want to leave the old age home?
  • In what circumstances you might be asked to leave?

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